Dive Xtras CUDA 650

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"Skuter - Dive Xtras CUDA 650

Package includes:
1 x CUDA Tail
1 x CUDA 550/650 Body
1 x CUDA 650Wh NiMh Battery
1 x CUDA NiMh Charger
1 x Standard Spares Kit

The CUDA 650 is the front runner of the CUDA models, at 53 lbs it is a lightweight compared to more traditional lead acid scooters but it packs the performance of a heavyweight.
   Designed for expedition diving it has all the great features of the CUDA family, huge power for when you need to push through the current with the heaviest gear, and the economy to run for hours. Based on the Tahoe Benchmark* figures the CUDA can top out at 248ft/min (76m/min) and cruise for over 5.5 miles (9.3Km).
   The CUDA family of scooters represents the sum of all our experiences making and diving the Sierra scooters. We took everything that we learnt, wished for, dreamt about, and put it into the CUDA. We designed a motor to not only give higher speeds but also be extremely efficient (over 87%) at cruise speeds. This gives you the power to overcome the worst currents combined with the endurance for the longest explorations.
   The entire housing, body and tail, was designed using finite element analysis to remove every piece of excess material while maintaining the strength necessary for a 600ft (180m) depth rating.
   The CUDA family shares many features and parts with the Sierra family. This ensures teams can interchange common spares and new designs maintain the solid reliability, day after day, of the existing X-Scooters. However the main parts, bodies, tails and batteries are not interchangeable between families.
 *Tahoe Benchmark testing, modified as a ratio of battery capacity 650Wh/550Wh (CUDA 550)"



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